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Happy Valley Pepo and Sully

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Pepo says to all Kids, ” Always believe in Good and Happiness and it will be there!” It Glows within Sully says.! A dollar proceed will got to the Children’s Cancer Society.


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  1. Many Thanks to all… I truly hope you enjoy timeless little treasure……

  2. Miami Book Show GREAT!!

  3. Warm Sunny Wishes to all.

  4. Reviewed by Rita V. for

    Happy Valley Pepo and Sully is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Happy Valley is a magical land of enchantment where everyone is happy and is inhabited by little people called “Weewees,” which are colorful and tiny beings that resemble both elves and fairies. They have magical dust that can make them fly. A Winachee wind storm blows in and brings to Happy Valley a surprise visitor: a black Raven named Sully. Sully isn’t an ordinary bird, for he can speak so the Weewee people can communicate with him. Pepe is the happiest of all the little people and meets Sully first. The Evil Warlock named Winachee put an evil spell on Sully which makes him cause havoc in Happy Valley and to its residents. Pepo has to figure out how to break the spell to save Happy Valley and make the land happy once more.

    This is a good book for preschool children. It is a simple, unique, and well-illustrated book. The illustrations are colorful and make the story come to life nicely. The message of the book is quite meaningful and positive for children: never give up hope and keep believing that good things are always possible. Happiness, goodness and laughter are other consistent messages. This book has a lot of potential and would be enjoyable reading by teachers, librarians, and parents, as well.


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