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1.7 – The Phantom Tollbooth

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A book of sheer wonder. I am both baffled and saddened that I did not know the brilliance of this book as a child.

Milo is a young boy who is bored with…well…everything. Until he receives the gift of The Phantom Tollbooth. Passing through, Milo is propelled into a world of word play beyond belief. The journey to find Rhyme and Reason is a long and confusing one for young Milo. But he travels through the lands meets and abundance of characters that shift his overall view of knowledge itself.

I have looked at this book on the shelves over the years and always told myself I would read it. I suddenly feel like the Trivium caught me. Thankfully, a coworker suggested this book with a look of pure excitement in her eyes. Just her passion in explaining this book made me want to pick it up. And it definitely…

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