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Ok, sometimes I do miss important dates and I’m a few days late reminding you that March 4-10 is Read an E-Book Week. You still have time, though, to read an e-book or two before the week is officially over. If you don’t have time to read before the 10th, we’ll congratulate you for staying in the spirit of things by downloading some e-books 🙂  To get you started, I’m going to recommend some e-books that already come highly recommended!

Here, I must give credit where credit is due by making yet another admission: I, um, borrowed the E-book Week image from author C.j. Ellison. Without her permission. From Facebook. Hopefully, C.j. is the forgiving kind, and to encourage her to grant me absolution, I encourage you to hurry and jump to her Facebook page and click on that same image. If you click on the image on C.j. Ellison’s…

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