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Globetrotting for Food

With summer approaching fast, I can’t help but think of mangoes. Growing up in India, it hard to escape the smell of ripening mangoes in summer. Plucking mangoes as games may be a child’s play, but the rewards are a delight for everyone. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood smell of mangoes or are tainted with mango yellow…like me bending over the first crate of mangoes that Grandpa got every summer to take in the ripe warm fruity smell, him teaching me to recognise ripe mangoes and then putting me to test every lunch time, and that absolute ecstasy of taste as I dug into every bite of it. I remember my Granny teaching me that mangoes are known as the king of fruits, but she never went beyond that to explain why. Then, I didn’t care…now I do…so here is the reason why.

Scientifically known as Mangifera…

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