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Because it’s never too early to be a reader….

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If you have a little one in your life, or just like kids books, you know that all those delightful little books can be JUST AS PRICEY as the books for big kids (aka Adults). Public libraries are AWESOME, but sometimes you just need to OWN a book or you can’t get to the library, you don’t have a library card, or the library is (gasp) scary for some folks. Here are some websites and programs that promote kids’ reading on the cheap:– this is a fairly large website with ebooks/stories for young, middle, and YA readers, quizzes, phonics activities, etc. If you have a little one  in your life who has a phobia for a paper book, they might get fooled by the itunes apps and read aloud stories.– PDF’s of children’s picture books, downloadable for free.– this is a massive list of 124 sites…

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