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Duck on the edge of padi field Restaurant

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Imagine christening your restaurant that! Well, someone in Bali did.

Its real name is “bebek tepi sawah” which direct translation in English is this post’s title.

Our driver drove here after receiving instruction from us “we want to eat something authentic, not international buffett”. Before we left, a friend recommended to avoid bebek tepi sawah and instead go to bebek bengil (“dirty duck” restaurant, very creative Balinese are). But for the love of food, I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant on the day, all I could remember was there was “bebek…bengil…and sawah” but I don’t remember which one to avoid.

They were packed when we arrived and there were 2 balinese girls in their finest traditional costume dancing. As the name suggested, the restaurant faced padi field but there was no duck in sight.

Hubby likes padi field, in fact we spent most of our time in Bali…

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