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The Heart and the Bottle: Oliver Jeffers

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The Heart and the Bottle

The Heart and the Bottle is certainly sweet and, at times, a bit twee. But, it is also a brilliant reminder that sometimes we all just need to let go and forget whatever constrictions we have forced upon ourselves and, instead, just experience a moment, any moment, every moment, for what it is in the very purest sense.

Should we even take notice of a children’s book?

And, yes, it is a kid’s book. Really though, I think it’s more relevant to those of us who sometimes pretend we’ve grown-up. I suppose Oliver Jeffer’s The Heart and the Bottle is all how anything is possible, so long as you can imagine it. Allowing ourselves to experience wonder and curiosity, without fear or restraint. And, not allowing our doubts to become overwhelming.

Why is Jeffer’s right?

We can easily cut ourselves off from emotions. Deny to ourselves and others that we’re…

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