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Full Bellies Make Happy Kids

So last year Kikkoman contacted me and offered up some of their amazing products for a review and a giveaway.

I was beyond thrilled because Kikkoman is one of my favorite staples in the kitchen.

When they contacted me again a few weeks back, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be asked to once again review the products, try out some recipes AND host a giveaway for my readers. Yay!

First thing I got in the mail was a box filled with products.

Included were some really good recipes which I still have to try…..but on the menu for that night was chicken, so I decided to use the Panko Breadcrumbs for those.  If you’ve never cooked with Panko you have no idea what you’re missing, they are so much better than regular breadcrumbs.

Garlic and Parmesan Panko Chicken

Garlic and Parmesan Panko Crusted Chicken Tenders

Garlic and Parmesan Panko Chicken

As Thanksgiving rolled around, I knew…

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