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Promenade Plantings

About sums up my first few days at home. I’ve been gathering momentum. Taking stock. Having a break from blogging. Peering out at my garden and allotment. Wondering what the new season will bring me.

The first few days brought beautiful bright blue skies only to be followed by days and days of grey low cloud and teeming rain. It seems April Showers are here.

A busy day on the allotment, picking and digging for food – bundles of fresh spinach, small tender leeks, a bag full of Purple Sprouting Broccoli, winter lettuces of crisp crunchy Frissee and soft buttery Reine De Paris.

I’m collecting my thoughts and energy. I’m preparing for the BUSY weeks ahead of sowing, sowing and then sowing some more.

Home cooked meals of Risotto with leeks and last years frozen peas, bowls of steamed Purple Sprouting Broccoli with a dab of butter, fresh salads with a light vinaigrette, spinach and chickpea stews to name a few.


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